Coleman Group Consulting

Who We Are

Our Expertise

With world class strategic sourcing and operations management experience, we have a serious track record for
creating shareholder value through improved cash flow, realized savings, and enhanced operational performance.

We provide proven leadership of business turnaround initiatives leading to increased profitability and overall efficiency.
Our process re-engineering and change enablement experience is extensive. We have successfully facilitated organization-wide change for clients with locations in 80 countries and with over 100 subsidiaries.

Our Clients

We have delighted clients in a broad range of industries, including healthcare, travel, professional services, retail, telecom, energy and transportation. Client feedback and measured results have shown sustainable savings with improved service and quality. Through our efforts, our clients have achieved savings of 10-25% in targeted areas.

Our Principles

Ethics & Integrity

We maintain the highest ethics in our business and employment practices. We foster strong, respectful working relationships with our employees and strategic partners, including clients, suppliers and third-party organizations.

Sensitivity to Client Needs

We are attentive and committed to the organizational needs of our clients. We exercise the prudent use of client resources and are sensitive to our clients' established relationships.


We strive to be thought-leaders in the management consulting arena. We seek opportunities to share our knowledge with others through contracted instruction, publication in trade journals and community involvement (university and association conferences).

Long-Term Success

We focus on achieving measurable, implementable and sustainable results for our clients.
Our success is driven by our reputation for helping organizations realize significant and lasting benefits.