Coleman Group Consulting

What Our Clients Say About Us

$10B Global Professional Services Firm

Savings: $100M over three years

Success Markers: Improved service and quality. Facilitated change in more than 80 countries. Provided cost reduction of more than 20 percent in the targeted areas.

"To me it is what every consultant wishes to become and what all clients want - someone who becomes 'indispensable.' That evolves not only from the quality of the ideas and the ability to implement them, but also from the willingness to be candid and forthright in pointing out problems and weaknesses … they have become essential advisors."

- Chief Administrative Officer


$60M Healthcare Organization

Savings: $4M in improved cash flow and $2M annual savings for an organization rated one of the 10 lowest-cost healthcare organizations in the United States.

Success Markers: Improved net income by more than 200 percent. Provided cost reductions of 5-25 percent in targeted areas.

"I appreciated the professionalism, patience and quality of your team. It was clear from the beginning of the project that you and your team were always responsive … From my standpoint, the clearest indication of the success of this project was the results…"

- Chief Executive Officer